Welcome to WaggyWoos Blog

Welcome To WaggyWoos

Welcome to the first blog article for my new pet services website. WaggyWoos offers dog walking, pet sitting, pet taxi and pet portrait services in the Glasgow area. My name is Calvin Miller, owner of WaggyWoos. In our first ever blog post I wanted to introduce myself and our services to you as well as give some indication on what you can expect from us in the near future.

Our Pet Services

I live in the Barrhead area of Glasgow and have decided to offer pet services around this area. My area includes places like Barrhead, Neilston, Newton Mearns and Paisley. The pet services I have decided to offer is pretty comprehensive and should cover the needs of most pet owners.

Dog Walking

Dog Walking is probably our most popular service. We offer both solo and group dog walks. Solo walks last 1 hour (pure walking time). Our group walks offer two durations, 30 minutes and 1 hour. For group walks we try and match dogs based on their activity level and personality.

Dog walks can either be on lead or off lead. For off lead walks we need to assess your dog’s recall first and we will also need you to sign an off lead disclaimer which is a requirement of our insurance policy. We are currently insured by Direct Line and we are happy to show you our policy so that you can see the coverage it offers.

Cat Sitting

Cats are often more independent than dogs. They sometimes have access outside via a cat flap. Their independence means that if you have to go away for the weekend or overseas on a holiday, a cat will often just need a couple of short visits a day to feed them, give them some cuddles and change their litter tray if they use one. Indeed, having someone come to your house twice a day is often preferable to using a cattery as some cats really don’t like changes to their routine and surroundings.

As with all our services, customers using our cat sitting service receive regular updates to put their mind at rest when they are away.

Dog Sitting

Our dog sitting service is ideal in a few scenarios. Perhaps you have a new puppy. If you work full time you are likely to need someone to visit your home to feed the puppy, help them toilet and give them some company. Often people who book us for puppy visits end up switching to our dog walking service once the puppy is fully vaccinated and able to join walks outside.

Dog sitting visits can also be a good option for very elderly dogs or dogs recovering from an operation. Whilst they may not be fit enough to join walks, they will still need access to the garden and could benefit from some company until you get home.

Dog Boarding

For those times when you need to leave your dog for longer periods like overnight our dog boarding service is ideal. Whether it’s just one night away, a weekend trip or a longer holiday we can continue your dog’s routine and provide the same care you do. Many dogs don’t cope well in a kennels.

Initially our dog boarding service takes place in the owner’s own home where your dog feels most comfortable. We are also in the process of applying for a home boarding licence with the council that will allow us to board dogs in our Barrhead home. As soon as we have this licence we will update the website accordingly.

Just like with our other services, you will get regular updates about your dog. We understand that our pets are one of the family and we worry about them when we can’t be with them.

Pet Taxi

In any large city like Glasgow you will always have a number of pet owners who either don’t drive or don’t own a car. For most day to day activities it isn’t a problem but every now and then you may need to transport your pet to a vet appointment or an appointment at the groomers. Often people find that local minicab companies have a no pets rule or leave it to the discretion of the driver. Often a cat transported in a cat carrier will be allowed but for dog owners they often get a refusal.

Since we transport dogs regularly to and from parks for walks we have both experience of transporting pets and an ideal vehicle for the purpose. Please note that we are often busy during the middle of the day walking dogs so it’s best to contact us about availability before making a booking at the vets or groomers. We are much more likely to be able to help if your booking is early in the day or late afternoon.

Pet Portraits

This is the one of the services that I don’t provide myself. I’m merely using my website to showcase some pet portrait artists I know that we can put you in touch with. Having a portrait done of our pets is quite a common thing these days. Often it will be of a pet that’s sadly passed away and the portrait can bring comfort and remind us about their special, unique personality.

Future Blog Posts

So what plans do I have for this blog? I have a few ideas for articles but time will tell what direction it will take. Besides using it as a way to pass on the latest news about our products and services I hope to also share some useful articles regarding pet health and care. I may also use the blog to feature other local Glasgow pet related resources, for instance looking at some of the vets we have locally, good places to walk your dog and maybe even feature some dog friendly pubs and restaurants in Glasgow.

I’m also open to ideas so feel free to leave a comment at the end if you have ideas for future blog posts.

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